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ceoI am the former CEO of Global Music for Live Nation and the author of the book … And I Breathed, My Journey from a Life of Matter to a Life That Matters   Five years ago I was at the top of my career as Fortune 500 company executive.  I thought I had it all … And then it all came crashing down.  I found myself in the middle of my second divorce, my mom died suddenly from cancer and I was soon unemployed. Those events were the beginning of a journey that led me to study health, peace of mind and spiritual awareness with many of the world’s leading experts in mind, body and spirit.

As part of that journey, I attended a health conference where I saw Dr. Amen speak.  As I listened to him talk about the importance of focusing on brain health, I realized that in all my self-exploration and wellness practice I had completely overlooked one of the most important parts of me — my brain.  That realization led me to the Amen Clinic in Orange County, CA together with my wife and three children.

As a family we went through the Amen Clinics Method protocol – testing and brain scans – and then met with his medical staff to review the results.  They explained the scans in great detail, areas of strengths and weaknesses in our brains, and, most importantly, what we could do to change our brains and keep them healthy throughout life.  The doctors spoke to my children about the ways they could avoid damaging their brains through contact sports, alcohol and drugs.  We discussed the neurological tendencies of each of us, how, as a family, we could better understand our brain function and how that affected our interactions with each other.  This has led us to include brain exercises in our daily routine, to take supplements that promote brain health and to think about the brain when choosing our foods.

The best way to sum up our experience is to say that we now have a giant case of “Brain Envy” — a strong desire to have a healthy, vibrant and fully functioning brain.

I highly recommend Amen Clinics to everyone who is looking to improve their health, promote longevity and care for their overall wellness.  My life would not be the same without the lessons I learned from Amen Clinic.

-Jason Garner

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