Hormone Imbalance Treatment


Hormones are powerful messengers that control a multitude of functions throughout the body, from sex drive to overall energy, from mood to memory and focus. When hormones get out of balance, life gets out of balance. Hormone imbalances are a special vulnerability for women, who experience incredible hormonal changes throughout their life stages. Hormone imbalances in both men and women can result in severe mood swings, decreased sex drive, fatigue, mental fog, and even pain. Fortunately, new solutions are available that give patients the opportunity to take control of their hormones and their lives.

How Amen Clinics can help

In the Amen Method, we see every patient as a product of his or her whole being, including biology, psychology, social connections and spiritual life. We have always taken a biomedical approach, looking for physiologic and environmental factors that may be adversely affecting a patient’s mental health.

Hormone therapy has advanced dramatically in recent years. Synthetic hormones at fixed doses are no longer the gold standard. Today, we can measure your unique hormonal levels, create bioidentical hormone replacements that biologically mirror your natural hormonal molecular makeup, and prescribe them to you in customized doses that will bring your hormones up or down to just the right levels.

Learn more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) offered at Amen Clinics.

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